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Integral Mission is, by Ronald JJ Wong

Integral mission is:

The packet of leftovers from the Chinese restaurant at dinner I gave to the homeless lady outside the Tube station, whose eager expression when taking it I will not forget.

The whimper of a prayer, “Lord, have mercy,” as I read about the horrors of war and hunger in Yemen.

The lively conversation with a migrant worker about who Jesus is in his own religious scriptures after a kebab dinner following the closure of his legal suit I helped pro bono on.

The visit to a pro bono client in Tanah Merah Prison before he was repatriated to his home country, where he told me to relay some messages to his brother through an NGO worker who helped him with his case.

The frisbee game with a bunch of neighbourhood kids from a block of rental flats.

The visit to the elderly Cantonese-speaking lady in a one-room flat whom my wife and I could hardly understand.

The mentoring session with a mentee talking about God’s hand in his past even when he did not know God.

The talk where I shared about clues to the existence of God, and explained about the rational and peculiar physical laws of nature and the theory of evolution.

The sermon I gave in church on Matthew 4:12-25 about what it means to follow Jesus: to follow where He goes, do what He does, the way He does it, in His character; to become fishers of men; to follow the ministry of Jesus the King.

Jesus deliberately reaching out his hand to touch and heal a leper and reconcile him to God and his Jewish community who’d otherwise shun him.

Jesus declaring the astounding faith of a Gentile Roman Centurion to a crowd of Jews who’d otherwise have nothing to do with Gentiles.

Jesus speaking to the waves and the wind to calm them from their turmoil (because who talks to animals and seas?).

Jesus dying on the Cross, shedding his blood for the peace and reconciliation of all things to God, all things in the whole cosmos, on earth and under heaven, humans and creatures, and tribes and nations.

Jesus rising from death and ascending to the heavens and reigning as King.

Come share with and hear from others about integral mission at Micah Conversation 2019.

The feature photo is of a cosy living room in a lovely shelter in Dublin for homeless folks run by the Peter McVerry Trust. Father Peter said, “we make the shelters nice and give our homeless folks each a room with toilets attached because what we offer to them shows how much we value them”.

Ronald JJ Wong is a servant of King Jesus. He is a Director at Covenant Chambers LLC, and serves as National Coordinator of Micah Singapore, on the board of Operation Mobilisation Mercy Teams International and in his local church community Yio Chu Kang Chapel as a deacon in charge of Young Adults ministry, on the preaching team, and on the board of the church’s community service arm, Bless Community Services. His passion is to advance the Gospel with good works and good words.

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