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The Justice Demand: Social Justice & The Singapore Church

by Ronald JJ Wong

Available at Armour Publishing online store and some Christian bookstores in Singapore.

Additional book material available here.


Where is social justice in the Gospel? Where is social justice in the Singapore Church? These are the two main questions this book seeks to explore. Through the recount of the author’s journey of discovering social justice in the Bible, on the streets of Singapore, in the long history of the Singapore and global Church, a survey of local Christians and interviews with Christian justice-seekers and pastors, this book challenges the Singapore Church, as God’s Kingdom community, to reclaim biblical social justice as an integral facet of living the Gospel and manifesting God’s Kingdom.

Issues addressed in the book

  1. What is God’s view of justice?

  2. What’s social justice got to do with God’s story? Where in the Gospel of Jesus, the Gospel of God’s Kingdom, is social justice?

  3. What does the Bible have to say about social justice? How did social justice evolve through the Bible? What is justice, mercy and righteousness in the Bible?

  4. Where in the Singapore Church is social justice? Where are the justice and mercy ministers in Singapore?

  5. Is biblical social justice supposed to be only expressed within the Church community?

  6. What has the Great Commission got to do with social justice? What is the relationship between social justice and evangelism?

  7. Should Singapore local churches start / run social justice ministries? Or should only individuals do so? How should local churches disciple members on social justice?

  8. What’s distinctive about the Christian view of justice? What are the principles of biblical social justice? How does biblical social justice compare with secular theories of social justice?

  9. Should our ideas of social justice be brought into society? Does biblical social justice have anything to offer in the public sphere?

  10. Is social justice just a new fad? How have the Singapore Church and the universal Church expressed social justice historically and today?

  11. What are the social justice issues in Singapore today?

  12. What Christian or faith-based ministries or organisations are addressing these social justice issues today?

  13. What do Singaporean Christians think about social justice? Are local churches doing enough about social justice?

  14. What can local churches, church leaders and Singaporean Christians do in the light of these issues?

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