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Good News for Bruised Reeds Vol. 2 - Mental Health in Gospel Community

Micah Singapore is working with Graceworks (Rev Dr Tan Soo-Inn and Bernice Lee), and a host of contributors, to bring together this book for the Singapore Church.


We are crowdfunding to birth this book and give a copy to every lead pastor in Singapore.

We are hoping to raise S$10,000 for this.

If you wish to contribute $ to the crowdfunding campaign:

1. Transfer your donation to this GraceWorks bank account MayBank (Maybank Singapore Limited) 0-418-10-0204-8.

2.  Email bruisedreeds@graceworks.com.sg with your full name, church, mobile no., donation amount, and date of transfer (subject: "Bruised Reeds 2 Crowdfunding"). If possible, attach a screenshot of the transfer transaction.

3. For cheque contributions, you may make it out to "Graceworks Private Limited" and write at the back of the cheque "Good News for Bruised Reeds, Vol. 1" with your full name, church, mobile no., and email address. Post it to: "22 Sin Ming Lane, #04-76 Midview City, Singapore 573969".

4. After we have verified receipt, we will send you an email to acknowledge.


  • How is the Gospel good news for people with mental illness and their caregivers?

  • How can your church be more of a gospel community to people with mental health issues and their caregivers?

  • How can Christians walk alongside people with mental health issues and caregivers?

  • How can the Singapore Church witness to the world about Christ through her response to various issues on mental wellness?

This book will present true stories of Singapore Christians who have wrestled with the above issues, and theological, pastoral and practical approaches to these issues. Contributors will speak from perspectives of:
1.    Christians with mental health issues.
2.    Caregivers to people with mental health issues.
3.    Friends and church leaders (pastors, cell group or ministry leaders) who have journeyed with people with mental health issues.
4.    Mental health professionals.
5.    Pastors and church leaders who want to change the culture of the church to become more of a gospel community to people with mental health issues.
6.    Pastoral / theological reflections on mental health issues.


While accessible to lay Christians, the primary audience is leaders in their local church (down to cell group level), for their pastoral equipping.


While many church leaders in Singapore have counselled and walked alongside people with mental health issues, there are many Christians who feel ill equipped to help people with mental health issues live flourishing lives in Christ and in His community.


There are Christians with mental health issues who feel that churches and Christians could be better gospel communities to them.


This book seeks to tell stories so that Christians may listen to these stories, empathise, and reflect. We also hope the book will start conversations in our church communities which begin the process of reflecting, healing and helping.  

​Being a gospel community to people with mental health issues is a matter of the Church living up to its calling as the called-out ones transformed by the Gospel to love, justice and compassion. Further, the Church can demonstrate the Gospel to the world by living out the Gospel in community with such “bruised reeds” as people with mental health issues.


We hope that this book will help church leaders and Christians in Singapore better understand people with mental health issues and learn to become a better gospel community.


At the same time, we hope the book presents stories that are counter-cultural to the world and show how the Gospel is indeed good news to all, including those among us with mental health issues.


You will receive complimentary copies of the book for the following amounts of donations.

S$20 - 1 copy
S$50 - 3 copies
S$100 - 7 copies
S$150 - 12 copies
S$200 - 15 copies
S$500 - 45 copies
S$1,000 - 100 copies



​For any queries (fundraising, book distribution, bulk orders), contact Graceworks.