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Micah Nepal: Thir KC on social justice and integral mission in Nepal

On 3 December 2016, Thir Koirala, National Coordinator for Micah Nepal came and shared with a group of different participants from Micah Singapore, mission groups and various churches about social justice and integral mission in Nepal.

He spoke on the concept of Integral Mission (Saying, Doing and Being), elaborating from the Micah Declaration 2001, and explained social justice issues in Nepal. He also shared about social justice and Christian endeavours in Nepal, and the opportunities and challenges.

Thir also spoke on the history of Micah Nepal, its organisational structure and initiatives, its relationship with local churches in Nepal, NGOs and INGOs and theological institutions. He also shared about his testimony and work advocating against corruption in Nepal. It was a fruitful time of gleaning perspectives on the context for justice and integral mission in Nepal.

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